Aspring Biorefinery

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Aspring Biorefinery
Hendry County, Florida

Contact: Mr. Carlos Rionda, P.E.
Southeast Renewable Fuels, LLC
6424 NW 5th Way
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (954) 492 1588

Construction Cost: $12,000,000.00

The Aspring Biorefinery project consisted of the conversion of an 84 acre parcel of an existing agricultural operation to a sweet sorghum juice mill and complete processing facility to produce fuel-grade ethanol from sweet sorghum and cane molasses. The facility will be located within an existing 2,500 acre agricultural operation and will utilize modified farm ditches and swales to accommodate the proposed surface water management system for the facility. The Chappell Group, Inc. (TCG) provided all wetland assessment, water use review and environmental permitting services related to the proposed facility. The subject site included previously delineated wetlands to be preserved and enhanced in association with the proposed surface water management system. Specific services provided included the review of anticipated drawdown as it related to preservation of onsite wetlands, the preparation of a wetland enhancement planting plan and the preparation of hydrobiologic monitoring plan for all affected onsite wetlands set for preservation.

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