Port Everglades Mangrove Planter

Port Everglades Mangrove Planter

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Port Everglades Mangrove Planter
Port Everglades, Florida

Contact: Mr. Michael Pahl
American Engineering & Development Corporation
11765 W Okeechobee Road
Hialeah Gardens, Florida 33018
Phone: (305) 825-9800

Construction Cost: $50,000.00

The Chappell Group is the lead environmental consulting firm for the design, monitoring and maintenance for the Port Everglades Mangrove Planter project. The project is a ±550 square foot mangrove planter that was proposed as mitigation for the impact of one mangrove tree during the clearing of nuisance exotic vegetation along the shoreline associated with the construction of a bridge. The proposed mitigation included the construction of a riprap planter and associated muck layer for the supplemental planting of twenty (20) red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) seedlings The Chappell Group, Inc. performs quarterly site inspections, identifies the areas requiring maintenance, and makes recommendations on how to improve and continue the sustainability of the mitigation site The Chappell Group, Inc. will perform these tasks for American Engineering & Development Corporation through 2014.

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