Riviera Isles

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Riviera Isles

Broward County, Florida

Mr. John Carter
Minto Communities, LLC
4400 W. Sample Road
Coconut Creek, Florida 33073


  • Due Diligence
  • Mitigation Monitoring

Construction Completion: 2005

The Riviera Isles Phase II mitigation area consists of two (2) separate marsh creation areas, designated as the north and south marsh, totaling over 51 acres of restored and created freshwater wetlands. The constructed mitigation consists of marsh, slough, buffer and tree island sub-habitats, and was constructed as onsite mitigation for unavoidable wetland impacts associated with the Riviera Isles residential development(s).

The Riviera Isles mitigation areas were originally monitored and maintained by various entities during the initial five (5) year monitoring period. Prior to completion of the monitoring period, compliance issues required supplemental planting and monitoring in order to achieve permit compliance and to formally transfer the project permits to the individual associations as the entities responsible for long-term maintenance and monitoring requirements. TCG provided environmental services associated with achieving compliance through Broward County and is currently responsible for the required semi-annual monitoring through anticipated license close-out in 2013.

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