pic_wetlands_del_lrgVarious Federal, State, and local agencies have requirements for the protection of wetlands, wetland permitting, mitigation design, and monitoring. TCG conducts jurisdictional wetland determinations and delineations; wetland permitting; wetland restoration, creation, or enhancement projects in association with mitigation sites; and monitoring of wetland mitigation sites to meet wetland permit success criteria. TCG identifies and provides mortality assessment/counts of plants, oversight of maintenance and exotic removal, and assessment of general health and progress of sites.

Typical wetland assessments consist of a field assessment using a combination of the Routine On-Site Determination Method as defined in the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual and the State’s Unified Mitigation Assessment Method as described in FAC 62-345 and research utilizing reviews of historic aerial photography, soil and topographic surveys, and wetland inventory maps.

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